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fifa 13 coins
fifa 13 coins

So a summer break may already be debilitating. However, we can make you something to summer entertaining, we draw  fifa 13 coins for you a copy of FIFA 13 for the XBOX ! How can you win? Easy. We ask you 5 questions. The answers to these questions you send us then simply standing with below contact form. All correct entries (each may only participate once - we examine the case of multiple entries then takes! any part in the raffle!) is then drawn the winner. The prize will be presented at the season-opening game against Red Bull Salzburg FC Schalke 04 in person at the Fan Park! Since you have so be there! The contest ends on Sunday, 07.07.2013 at 23.59 clock.

All right? Tip: Answers to the questions can be found either on the club's website (or pages linked there), in the FCSalzburg Wiki or here  fifa coins kaufen on Then to the questions:

1 Recent history: On Saturday, 04.28.2007 Red Bull Salzburg is named a master. As the game went out and who made ​​the gates to Salzburg?

2 Children: The Association attaches great importance to the work of our "youngest." How old should / must be a child, so it can be Bullidikidz member of the club?

3 Young talent. ever we asked the talented Stefan Lainer (Lainer son of Leo) for an interview. Which (mobile) game plays very much like Stefan?

4 Facebook: In the Video tab of our Facebook page you will find a variety of shots. How long (minutes and seconds) takes the video from training camp in Winter 2013?

5 How Where: Our wiki is very comprehensive fifa 13 ultimate team coins kaufen! game How many reports are included in our FCSalzburgWiki?